Celebrating Progress Leads to Self Sabotage

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Focusing on your progress leads to self sabotage.

Think about it: How many times have you reached a milestone toward your goal, decided to celebrate, and then before you know it, you’ve had too much of a good thing — and the scale tells the tale.
Or perhaps you share your milestone of success, and suddenly your ability to control your good habits goes out the window.

In studies on willpower and habits, they find that recognizing our progress diminishes our motivation to continue. Our brains seem to think we’ve completed our task, so the willpower takes the rest of the day (or week) off. All those foods you’ve skipped suddenly become irresistible. And why not? I’ve been GOOD. I DESERVE a treat. Then the cravings take over, and we quickly lose ground toward our goal.

It’s natural, but it’s not helpful toward our goals.

Two strategies:
1. Choose non-food rewards. Food isn’t our only option, and treading so closely to a trigger unless it is tightly controlled or supervised can be dangerous. Even then we risk setting off cravings for the next week. Make a list of ways you can encourage yourself — a massage, a manicure, window shopping with a friend, going to an event, a “free” evening doing whatever you enjoy doing, binge-watching a series, a drive on your own or with your best friend/partner – make it yours, and make it meaningful
2. Focus on your commitment to achieving and maintaining your ultimate goal. Choose to see your progress as affirmation of your “why.” Your progress shows you’re committed. Your progress affirms the significance of this goal for you. It’s a subtle but significant difference to your brain that will support your motivation rather than sabotage it.

If you need some help shifting your mindset or working on habits that will support your goal, don’t hesitate to contact me. We can get you there.

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