Break the Yo-Yo

Six years ago, I started my weight loss journey having again topped out both my weight and frustration with the Diet Yo-Yo I’d been on for 40 years.  Something about THAT experience changed everything.  

What did I do?  What was the magic formula?  Was there a pill, potion, or combination that melted the weight right off me?

I wish it were as grand as that. 

The weight didn’t melt right off.  It took time.  It took some effort, focus, and discipline, and that was rewarded with fairly steady loss until I reached my goal weight.  Magic right?  Hardly.

I know.  No one wants to hear that.  What we really want is to be able to eat whatever we want, whenever we want it, in whatever quantity we desire AND maintain the figure we most desire.  Would that we could bottle that!

My magic formula?  
1. Believe it’s possible.  That could be an entire blog in itself, but essentially, if you don’t believe it’s possible to lose weight and keep it off, it’s much less likely to happen.  How do you create that belief for yourself?  Can you find it within you?

2. Learn from your experience and do what works for you.  I did low-fat for years, and it did work for losing weight when I followed it, but it left me hungry and cranky–which usually set off a binge and yo-yo weight gain.  I’m more satisfied and much less cranky with the nutrition plan that works for me.  What works for you to keep you satisfied and happy?

3. Sort out the emotional eating thing.  This was the single-most effective element for me.  I hired a coach who helped me work through the stuff that drove my emotional eating behavior and found other options for soothing myself.  It’s amazing how many calories I save by not eating for comfort and stress relief.    Whether you enlist a friend or join a group or hire someone specific, how many calories would you save yourself if you didn’t eat to comfort yourself?

It still took time and effort, but the progress was steady.  Once lost THIS TIME, it did not return.  Everything had changed, and my world was nicer.

How will you apply this “magic” formula?

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