Bottled Up Between You and Success

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Freshly laid sod looks so healthy.

Until it doesn’t. 

My sister-in-law moved into a new house, and her “instant lawn” looked really great. Then soon, one patch wasn’t doing so well. We stood over it talking through all the things she’d tried.  They should have worked.  There was nothing more we could do but start with a new chunk of sod.

When my husband walked over the patch, we heard this crunch. Huh?

Under the sod was a flattened plastic bottle. The landscapers dropped it and then laid the sod over it, rolled it, and flattened it just as they should.  They didn’t bother to pick up debris first. This section had been pressed down like all the others, but the bottle meant the roots could not connect to the ground.

We know we want to lose some weight, and we how to connect to plans or coaches to help us.  So, we buy courses, journals, and organization systems.  We buy programs, pills, and potions – even healthy food plans. Perhaps, we even weed out from our kitchen all the trigger foods and replace them with nutritionally dense foods.

Yet there still may be something between us and that plan, something we leave casually under the surface that we either cannot or will not get rid of. What is it for you?

Is it a specific food or drink we will not deny ourselves?
Is it a guilty pleasure we use to soothe ourselves?
Is it a “weedy” thought we just can’t eradicate? 
Is it a belief or habit we can’t seem to let go of?
Is it a place we go that we know tempts us too much?
Is it a situation of which we will not take control, avoid, or otherwise manage?
Is it an action or task that we just won’t commit ourselves to enough to make habitual?
Something has been rolled and flattened under your surface, and you may not even know it’s there until someone steps on it.  Maybe it’s something you’ve chosen, maybe you got stuck with it, maybe someone didn’t care enough to get you started well, and something is bottled up between you and your source of life.  The only way to survive is to remove the barrier. 

It can be a little painful, but it will free you from self-sabotage.  How easy would it be to reach your goals then? 

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