It’s Show Time!

Focus on the Joy! December is full of festivals, holidays, and holy days.  So many traditions!  Yet almost all include an element of hope, light, and peace. Whatever your spiritual tradition or none, December is a month of celebrating with family and friends.  We celebrate with food — always — and yet the reason is … Read more

That Voice in My Head

Perhaps you’ve had this experience – you set yourself a goal, determine how you will walk through a situation, and fully intend to make good choices at a party, at a family gathering, or just on the average Thursday.  You start out well, and then you spy or think of something you love to eat.  … Read more

15 Holiday Hacks to manage temptation

How can we stay on track during this feasting season?  Or at least limit the damage? First, remember:  It IS a festive season, but also remember, the food is not what we’re  celebrating.  Whether you’re spiritual, religious, anti, or other, none of the days on the list of holidays is about food.  It is just … Read more

Thanksgiving Behind, Christmas Ahead

The turkey with all its trimmings now gives way to the sugar season.  Perhaps you have a week, maybe two before the parties begin and the office kitchen is a sugar addict’s dream. How do you recover and balance before the holiday parties begin? My mother and grandmother used to cook a huge “mess of … Read more

Thanksgiving Strategy

Will you choose to take a cheat day or to stay on course — or something in between? It’s your choice, and as long as you are consciously making that choice, whatever you CHOOSE is fine.  Why am I repeating various forms of “choose”?  Choosing is the essential element. We’ve all had plenty of times … Read more

Family is Wonderful AND Stressful

They’re coming here, or maybe you’re going there, and both options can hold a particular type of stress around holidays.  The family dynamics, tradition, expectations, little irritations from the past — it all goes into the mix holidays can be.  Or maybe your family is amazing, but your stress comes from another direction, and add … Read more

Managing the Holiday Season

The Plan:  “This year, I’m going to stay focused on my healthy eating plan, yet I will enjoy some of my favorites on the day.” When someone shows up with your absolute favorite food, you take a small portion, then someone offers more, and you take a small sliver.  Later, you reason another small one … Read more

It’s November. We Know What That Means

So how are you doing with your healthy body goals for 2017? Halloween candy just behind us (hopefully all the candy is sorted out), Thanksgiving in a few weeks, followed in a month by Christmas and New Year – it’s a bit more challenging for that last-minute push toward fitness and health.  Are you ready … Read more

Because You Asked

And for those of you who didn’t, please indulge me. I lost my weight on a low fat/low calorie/low flavour/no energy diet, AND I was miserable and tired all the time.  I got to my goal and was doing okay for two years, but I was still tired. Three years ago, I switched to a ketogenic … Read more

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