Habits and the Clock in my Stomach

Poor habit:  Eating by the clock rather than according to your hunger It’s more sociable and compliant to eat meals at a certain time (or range of time), but if you’re not hungry, your body isn’t ready for more.  We may easily overeat – like a hamster stuffing his cheeks before going back to his den … Read more

Habit Creation:  Tempting Foods in the House

Poor habit:  Keeping tempting foods in the house We say, “I’m not eating that,” but if it’s too easily accessible, it can be hard to stay the course. When you live with others, they may not share your desire for purging the house of tempting foods, so keeping the peace requires a little creativity. The … Read more

Pair “Back to School” with Habit Creation

Move over, January 1st, the start of the school year is a natural time to put good habits in place.   Sometimes to create a good habit, we have to unwind a less helpful one.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll give you bite sized ideas.   Poor habit:  Evening Snacking It’s the classic, isn’t it?  Television … Read more

What if I fail again?

I did many, many, many diets and programs in the 40 years I was on that diet yo-yo. My mother and grandmother had done many before me. Every time I signed up for yet another program, I wondered, “What if I fail again? How much money do I have to spend to get it through … Read more

What about weight loss surgery — easy way to MAKE me eat right?

It seems the ultimate way to MAKE yourself eat right. Whatever method –gastric sleeve, band, bypass, balloon, etc., and however permanent, the idea is to create a mechanism by which you feel less hungry and therefore eat less. If you overeat, there are immediate safeguard consequences. Surely that’s enough to make me stay on track, … Read more

But they said it was healthy!

Apparently, low-fat foods create inflammation, and that inflammation causes all kinds of health issues. Wait—say what? The “evil” fat is okay, cholesterol is no longer thought to be caused by the fat we eat, and the low-fat advice causes more health ills than it solves? I so want a do-over on those 30 years I … Read more

Healthy Eating on a Budget

“Eating healthy is expensive!”  My client had researched the cost and calorie counts at restaurants and fast food, but the differences between frozen meal choices in grocery stores sent her over the edge.  “How can a salad costs a lot more than a burger?”   Current nutrition philosophy recommends a return to eating real food … Read more

When Do We Get to Eat What We Want Again?

“You obviously don’t have a weight issue anymore, so why don’t you just eat what you want?” I get some version of this question a lot, and there are multiple answers. Perhaps most important – a nutritional plan, a diet, will fail when we go back to eating whatever we want.  When we do what … Read more

Making Good-for-me Choices is a Skill

I spent last weekend with relatives, which means my food choices weren’t entirely up to me. Quick way to derail a nutrition plan, isn’t it?   Ooh, boy! We have similar periodic challenges.  Perhaps it’s a vacation or a business trip, or someone brings food to your office or home.  It’s Mardi Gras, a holiday, or … Read more

Mid-January Reset

So, how’s it going? Need a reset on that goal from your resolution? We’re human.  We get off track now and again.  AND we can get right back on. Just talked to a new client who is in a very busy phase of her work projects, and she found herself reaching for a snack to … Read more

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