Getting the HANG of It

It’s not that we can’t get past our emotional eating — we just need to get the HANG of it. Watch Video (01:18) View this video here: If I can be helpful, don’t hesitate to contact me.  When you’re ready to lose, I can help you win.

True Reward vs. Pre-Packaged Wrap-Around Guilt Trip

I’ve said this: “I’ve done so well, I DESERVE this.” That may be upon reaching a goal or progress marker, but on a more frequent basis, it probably means I’ve completed a challenging task of some sort: stuck to my best nutrition habits for a time, finished a work project, cleaned house, or (just insert … Read more

Metabolism Reset Summer Experiment

I decided to try a crazy experiment this summer — My Eight Week Feeding Experiment Rules of the experiment: Consume more calories Low carb/keto choices No sugar No snacks Fit my meals into no more than a 12-hour window, leaving at least 12 hours to fast between the last meal of one day and the … Read more

Eat to Satiety AND Lose? WOW!

My experiment is going very well.  I gained about 4 pounds during the “refeeding” stage, but five weeks in, I’m down 3 pounds—and I’m still eating enough to be quite satisfied.  I never thought I wouldn’t be hungry – my stomach has always had its own clock – but there have been a few days … Read more

Can I Just Eat More???

Summer is an adventure, and for me in the last decade, it’s been a learning adventure. It’s always uncomfortable but fantastic once it’s over. Good learning, hard to do. This summer seems to be about basics, and one of them is about the idea of calories, so I’m doing an experiment. In 2012 when I … Read more

Break the Yo-Yo

Six years ago, I started my weight loss journey having again topped out both my weight and frustration with the Diet Yo-Yo I’d been on for 40 years.  Something about THAT experience changed everything.   What did I do?  What was the magic formula?  Was there a pill, potion, or combination that melted the weight right … Read more

Seriously, It’s NOT the Diet

A recently released Harvard study shows the diet itself isn’t the issue — but we knew that. The study, DIETFITS, studied 609 heavy but healthy people for a year.  They assigned them to low-carb or low-fat, but their purpose was not to pit one plan against the other.  It was designed to find which nutritional … Read more

THAT Kryptonite food or behavior–THAT one. 

It’s the thing that almost always creates a fall and requires far too long for recovery.  You’ve likely NO doubt about what it is even if you don’t like to admit it.  Is it food for you?  Or is it a habit or behavior that trips you?  January seems to be the time we try to … Read more

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