Celebrating Progress Leads to Self Sabotage

Hello Friends, Focusing on your progress leads to self sabotage. Huh? Think about it: How many times have you reached a milestone toward your goal, decided to celebrate, and then before you know it, you’ve had too much of a good thing — and the scale tells the tale. Or perhaps you share your milestone … Read more

Training or Prescription?

Training or Prescription? Hello Friends, Pick your diet, follow it, reach a number or size or feeling somewhere near your goal, and _________. Then what? For years, I might maintain that weight or size for maybe week and a half, and then I’d start eating like I always had . . . which got me … Read more

Believe It or Not

Friends, Do you believe you can reach your goal? After being on a constant diet – on/off/on/off/on/oh, so off now – for 40 years and likely a couple thousand pounds, I no longer believed I would be able to maintain any goal weight if I ever got there.  I could lose it, but the truth … Read more

Emotional Eating: Something’s Missing

Hello friends, It’s that moment when we’re staring longingly into the refrigerator or pantry BELIEVING that something in there will soothe and comfort whatever is bothering us. Like hunger, that emotional eating is a signal that something is missing.  When we feel physical hunger, we know our fuel storage is depleted.  When we feel emotional hunger, … Read more

Focus on What You Want

Hello friends, I do wish breaking a pattern could be automatic.  It’s not.  Remember the last time you tried to STOP eating chocolate?  Or gave something up for Lent? Yup!  Immediately that’s all we can think about.  That leftover cake in the refrigerator, the Valentine’s chocolates coming for the weekend, or that indulgence that shall … Read more

Craving a Solution

Hello friends, Cravings are annoying, but you do not have to relinquish control to that cupcake, margarita, or snack mix.  You have everything you need to take back the control of your mind and therefore what you eat.  You can do this. Next time you’re craving something or dreaming about your next meal, take a moment … Read more

Resolutions and Resolving Issues

So how are those resolutions going? Still in it to win it? Well done! Soon it will be second nature to you. Just keep doing it. Or have you fallen in your quest? Okay, that’s part of learning, but if you’ve fallen, pick yourself up again. You can do this. When resolutions come with a … Read more


Getting to my goal weight was a LOOOOOONG road for me since that first diet lunchbox the year I was 10.  The ups and downs, the diet with no results, the losing 10 and slowly putting it back on—and usually more, the frustration of figuring out the newest diet craze.  I’ve been here twice before—once … Read more


I’ve been doing some research. Granted, I’m a tea drinker.  Hot tea, please.  With milk, no sugar.  Used to do sugar . . . but I digress . . . Taking tea is a pleasure for me.  Took me a long time to wander into herbal teas, but I eventually got there. While on a … Read more

You Can Do This

Welcome.   I was on a diet for 40 years. That’s no typo. Four decades of up and down, up and down and down, then up and down, and up, up, up, down. Just days short of my 50th birthday in 2012, I reached my goal weight, and I’ve maintained it since. I feared I’d … Read more

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