Managing the Holiday Season

The Plan:  “This year, I’m going to stay focused on my healthy eating plan, yet I will enjoy some of my favorites on the day.” When someone shows up with your absolute favorite food, you take a small portion, then someone offers more, and you take a small sliver.  Later, you reason another small one … Read more

It’s November. We Know What That Means

So how are you doing with your healthy body goals for 2017? Halloween candy just behind us (hopefully all the candy is sorted out), Thanksgiving in a few weeks, followed in a month by Christmas and New Year – it’s a bit more challenging for that last-minute push toward fitness and health.  Are you ready … Read more

Because You Asked

And for those of you who didn’t, please indulge me. I lost my weight on a low fat/low calorie/low flavour/no energy diet, AND I was miserable and tired all the time.  I got to my goal and was doing okay for two years, but I was still tired. Three years ago, I switched to a ketogenic … Read more

The Cheat Day Habit

Does making a cheat day part of your plan help you? That very much depends on you — your body and your personality. A “Cheat Day” has crept into our fitness formula.  The idea is that a stumble will prevent a fall, and if it works for you, that’s great.  During the “Low Fat” years of my … Read more

Habits: Hurry Up to Fewer Options 

Habit:  Drive through dinner on the way to soccer practice or an evening activity. I know.  Sometimes our hurried lives leave seemingly few options, and you’re doing the best you can.  And sometimes, we allow ourselves an excuse that may or may not be completely accurate even when it sounds good. To unwind that—take a … Read more

Measure of the Main

Habits:  Measure now and again Eyeballing portions is easy, but we get creep.  We just do. We’re busy doing all our tasks, finishing off this so we can wash the container.  It’s really not enough for another portion, but I don’t want to waste it. Watch this–will it be wasting or “waisting”? We get a little … Read more

Habit Disrupters

You know the moment.  You’ve been following your plan, being consistent with your new habits, and something happens.  Maybe you’re like I was and have found yourself halfway into the refrigerator searching for something that would soothe what hurts inside. All our efforts to form really good habits can suddenly evaporate when our “stuff” is stirred up, … Read more

Habits and the Clock in my Stomach

Poor habit:  Eating by the clock rather than according to your hunger It’s more sociable and compliant to eat meals at a certain time (or range of time), but if you’re not hungry, your body isn’t ready for more.  We may easily overeat – like a hamster stuffing his cheeks before going back to his den … Read more

Habit Creation:  Tempting Foods in the House

Poor habit:  Keeping tempting foods in the house We say, “I’m not eating that,” but if it’s too easily accessible, it can be hard to stay the course. When you live with others, they may not share your desire for purging the house of tempting foods, so keeping the peace requires a little creativity. The … Read more

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