Believe It — Or Not

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What do you believe about your emotional eating, diets, and weight loss?
Is it possible to actually lose the weight and keep it off your body?  Do you think it’s possible to get a handle on emotional eating?  Is there a nutritional plan that will work for you? 
Our beliefs determine our outcomes.  Think about anyone who has persevered to reach a goal.  The lightbulb, airplanes, computers – me trying to get through grad school — they were ideas until someone persevered to find what would work.  It wasn’t easy, but they were invested in their belief that there had to be a way.  So they kept at it until they found the combination of factors that succeeded. 

When We Do Not Believe

When we don’t believe it’s possible, we’re more likely to abandon our efforts.  We may start out well, but as soon as we hit a snag, we say, yeah, I knew that wouldn’t work anyway, and we’re done.
If we believe it’s possible, however, we’ll hit that same snag and adjust.  We’ll hit our 477th snag and adjust.  We’ll stay with it until we succeed no matter how long it takes because we are invested in our belief in the result.
So – weight loss and diet, in particular, creates an issue of belief for us, doesn’t it?  We’ve tried so many times.  We know ourselves well enough to know we will – what?  Everyone is different, but what do you believe will happen?
Kind of a chicken and egg moment, isn’t it?  If you really don’t believe you can do it – or will do it – it’s easy to go with the way you’ve always done it and get the result you’ve always gotten.

What If You Did?

What would it take for you to believe you CAN do it?
You can choose a diet – we know many already – but the key is not just knowing the foods, it’s managing the intake that works for your body.  You can choose an exercise plan, but it’s the consistency that makes it work.  Mindset is important, too.  It helps us when we have a clear “why” for doing it so we can draw upon it to motivate ourselves.  You’ve had all of these working in the past, haven’t you?
Then what?   And it’s at THAT moment that things can go well or down the tubes, isn’t it?
What do we do then?
If you believe it’s possible, you’re more likely to do what you need to do to persevere through that challenge.  Do you believe?

Next week, we’ll talk about what we do then – and how do you make this work amidst food pushers and challenges? 

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