Baggage: Unpack

The most common response to the question about what baggage we’d like to be free from is related to our value – negativity about self, doubt, guilt, or fear of not being enough – hitting the core of how we see ourselves.  Too often, we are not particularly kind to ourselves, which drives us to our soothing behaviors, which invites more self-criticism.  It’s a very vicious cycle.  It’s baggage.

So how do you, in fact, offload it?

Airlines generally allow each person one carry-on and one personal item.  I know this sounds rather simplistic, but what if we self-imposed a limit to what we carry on our hearts?  Just allowing yourself to contemplate that idea will begin a shift.  Just like when packing or moving, we come to the place where we can finally toss some non-essentials out.  Of your baggage, what is now non-essential?  Unpack it.

Looking at what’s left, consider if it’s actually true.  Is it now or was it ever?  You may have been tagged with it, but was it valid?  Honestly?  Does it now apply?  Or have you already grown through that tag?

If it remains true, how can you grow through or past it?   My summer learning topics seem to have a common theme of growth and maturity.  Growing through my emotional eating seven years ago started me on a path, which led to growing through other baggage.  It’s been a GREAT adventure in becoming a better and happier human being.  How can you grow through yours?

This one is really interesting:  What did you learn from the experience that created the baggage?  What good personality traits and skills did you develop?

It may be helpful to make a list of your baggage pieces.  Get it all down on paper so you can see and evaluate it with these questions, then let it go.

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