Baggage Part Two

If there was one piece of your “Baggage” you could be free from, what would it be?

To identify it, consider:  What trips you over and over again?  What drives you to food for soothing?  

We often have several pieces that we’d be better off without, but for now, if one element of your life, personality, habit, experience, or ____________  were extracted, how would you feel more like your best self?  What would you do differently?  How would your interactions change?  What would you no longer avoid doing or being?

How do you experience that element?  Do you get caught up in a habit that doesn’t work for you?  Do you allow your memory to replay a tough conversation or experience too often? Are you beating up yourself for – whatever?  Perhaps it’s that memory of childhood experiences that you allow to dictate who you are, and it’s not working for you.

Now, imagine that feeling, experience, or habit has been rolling around in your suitcase for a long time.  How does it look?  Take a really good look at it.  Is it still solid?  Bent, broken, scuffed, or fuzzy?  Would it still fit if you had to try to put it on today? 

Do you still want that piece?

It’s easier said than done to unpack a piece, and you may need some good support to walk through it, but what would happen if you could simply let it go?  Is there a way to grieve, forgive, or just drop it?  Sometimes our thoughts become habits just as much as biting your nails or pushing the snooze too many times.  Perhaps you’re more ready than you realize to let it go.  Want to see what happens if you do?

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