Make It Happen Coaching Program

What's Really Eating You:
The "Make It Happen" Program


Stop Emotional Eating 

(So You Can Lose The Weight & Keep It Off For Good!)


No, you don’t need some crazy diet pill.

Or meal plans that have you tied up in the kitchen for hours a day.

No feeling guilty any time you have a single bite of chocolate. 

No shaming yourself into eating less.

Because the truth is… all that stuff LEADS to MORE emotional eating. (Which makes it harder – or impossible – to lose weight permanently.)

When we’re feeling emotional, we don’t grab:


  • The healthy stuff.
  • The keto/vegan/low carb stuff
  • The homemade stuff
  • The salads

Instead, we go straight for something that we THINK will bring us comfort. (bread, pasta, sweets, the stuff you crave at night)

The KEY to reaching your goal is not focusing on the food — it’s managing the stress and overwhelm we feel as we go through our lives. 

Because that’s the stuff that drives you to WANT to eat foods that make weight loss so stinking hard.

My motto: “Face your stuff, don’t stuff your face.”


But what If You Had A Coach In Your Back Pocket For Every Struggle and Victory?  

A counselor. A mentor.  A guide. A cheerleader.

So that you could…


  • Process your feelings of anger, fear, stress, loneliness, etc as they come up.
  • Stop turning to the candy bar in the pantry for comfort.
  • Learn to de-stress without ordering takeout pizza.
  • Lose weight without hard to follow diets.
  • And keep it off for good!

You can do this if you really want to.  I can show you the way, and guide you on the path. 


That’s why I created… 

The “Make It Happen Program”  

Including One on One Support & Accountability, 

From A 20-Year Counselor… 

So That You WILL Get Results



The Make It Happen program gives you clear, personalized guidance and my one-on-one support as you reach your goal, even if you stumble.

You get my customizable system AND you get me.  

Every step of the way.

Here’s How It Works:

 STEP 1: We get clear with where you are and what your goals are.  Once we know that we can start creating a personalized plan for you


STEP 2: We go through the Unique Body Blueprint process. It is a simple eating profile we work through together so you can find an eating plan that works for your SPECIFIC body.


STEP 3: We meet once a week for 4 more weeks where you get A TON of personalized support from me to help you follow through on this new plan and to help you manage the stress and emotions you face every week.


But Wait… There’s More!

I Am Including Two FREE Bonuses To Help You Stop Emotional Eating For Good

Bonus Course #1: Emotional Eating –  Triggers and Solutions online video course. This is my fast-start foundation program to make sure you understand the fundamentals and are primed to make the bigger changes.  

Bonus Course #2: Overcome Emotional Eating – What’s Really Eating You, an in-depth training you can refer to again and again.  


You get the entire Make It Happen program for a one-time payment and you can join for 6 weeks or for 12 weeks depending on your goals.

(A payment plan is available on the checkout page if you would like that option.)

So when you join, you will get:


  • 6 One to One Sessions with Renee
  • The Unique Body Blueprint process to help you know what works best for your body
  • Text/Voxer access to Renee
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating Course
  • Triggers and Solutions Course
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Who am I and Why Can I Help You?

I am a degreed counselor and bestselling author who has been helping people break through their barriers for over 20 years.  Not only have I learned so much while helping my clients, but I also went through the journey myself.  I know what it’s like to struggle.  And I know others do too.  My TEDx talk has over 730,000 views from people who are looking for a REAL solution, not just a mythic magic bullet.


How I Know This Will Work For You

The Make It Happen Program is designed to help you finally achieve the goals and dreams you have been putting off. 

You’ll get access to all of the resources listed above, plus tons of support and guidance from me as your personal coach. This program will give you everything you need to make sure that all of your hard work pays off in the end.

You will be working directly with me to reach the goals that have been slipping away each year.   That won’t happen again as long as you commit to following my guidance, attending every session, and doing the work.

That’s it — a plan to get you through your goals and keep you on track.

One plan to make it all happen for you.

One focus to lose the weight you want to lose and then… keep it off.

And yes, this is the real solution.

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected].

I hope to see you soon!

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