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Belief is essential because it means we’re more likely to be “all in.”  When we’re not, we half-heartedly say we want to lose or maintain our weight, but we don’t follow through because we are only partly invested in success. 

Next week is Thanksgiving in the United States, a good excuse for a food orgy, but we can celebrate, enjoy the festivities, maybe even feast a bit, without tipping into the excess gain.

You in?

The holidays are a microcosm of long-term management.  You get ALL the triggers, ALL the potential stumbling blocks in a few weeks.  Yea!  Yet year-round, the calendar is full of celebrations.  Sure, there may be times when you choose to be more relaxed—and that’s great and appropriate – AND if you can get clear and committed to the ideas I’ll be sharing over the next weeks, you can make your own choices around food rather than feeling pressured or guilted into compliance.  Like that idea?

Know Your Triggers

What drives you to food? Is it a person? Frustration? Something said? Or food pushers who try to guilt you into something? Get specific with your triggers. Write them down, capture them – when you feel it. Knowing the specifics will help you prepare for it or unwind it.

Think of a situation you have been in before and will likely face again.  What do you need to be prepared to face it, and how can you choose to do something different?

“Oh, you mean you can do something different?” Of course, but we haven’t done it that way in the past, so it doesn’t feel right. Yet.  I get frustrated with myself when I can’t get past a reaction or behavior in other areas, and the same can apply to food behaviors.  It takes practice to retrain myself, and it takes intention, and sometimes it takes a bit of help, but a different reaction can make the whole thing feel better—leave you feeling better.

Know What Works For Your Body

This is the first concept in my 3YB process. You have to know what works for YOUR body—not your mother’s or sister’s, not your friend’s. What works for YOU? What keeps you satisfied? How can you choose more of that at whatever meal? What drives you to cravings or makes you anxious or angry, or what makes you feel happier and healthier. What do you want to choose?

Over the holidays, I KNOW there are foods that will stick like glue to my hips, the quantities I can reasonably take in, and how to approach the day physically – if I just will.
Know what works for you, and put that into your plan. 

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