All Things Spring to Life

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All things spring to life at this time of year.  My grandparents had a ranch, and in the spring, it was magical with wildlife and livestock, winter oats nearing harvest, alfalfa and Bermuda breaking through, and mild temperatures making days and evenings pleasant. 

In my 20s, I lived in Wales, in the United Kingdom.  My second assignment was in a small valley town, and from my front door I had a front row seat for everything springing to life on the mountain.  Winter held on way too long and rain was persistent, but the daffodils shot up, lambs danced and played king of the hill, and when the sun made an appearance, everyone went outside to soak in light and warmth.

Spring brings life again, releasing all the pent-up hopes for something that feels freeing, healing, and renewing.  We even speak of “Spring Cleaning” to refresh our homes.

This is Easter week.  Passover is Thursday.  Ramadan is also in full celebration this year.  Spiritual traditions cross paths and focus on hope, a new beginning – new life breaking through. 

We have some fun with baskets, brightly colored eggs – well, maybe plastic this year, Peeps, chocolate-covered everything.  On the ranch, the best place for our Easter Egg hunt was the field below the house, and if you remember the L’eggs Eggs pantyhose container, a large white egg — those were the PRIZE eggs, and my brother, cousins, and I sought them eagerly.  They were worth it.

It reminds me that we don’t always fight for the life that is trying to break through.  We get discouraged or frustrated, and sometimes we just give up.  That gets us no closer to the prize, and in our best selves, giving up is not what we want, but after the long winter of struggle in our hearts and minds, we’re running low on motivation, energy, and hope.

In this season, it’s all around us if we will look.  In your best self, you are more than capable of seeking the prize of your goal, and the world – well, the northern hemisphere – is full of life bursting through.  It’s not easy on that little plant.  The seed has to die, then work up through the ground, but it just keeps growing.  When we do, the prize is always worth it.

May Spring, Easter, Passover, and Ramadan be a blessing to you.

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