A Year Later

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COVID created quite a year, didn’t it?

All the jokes about the week in the US when we had a full moon, Friday the 13th, and the spring time change vaulting us into a parallel reality were kind of funny initially.

The reality soon became more evident, and one by one, all the birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, holidays, and special events came and went.  The world of work and play, travel, and social activity changed drastically. 

Most of the world was suddenly home as all but essential businesses closed.  Zoom meetings replaced in-person meetings.  Groups and families met online, if at all.  Many weren’t even allowed to return to their office buildings for their personal effects, and one of my clients laments leaving behind a favorite pair of shoes. Even sports were canceled. It was surreal, wasn’t it?

Kitchen: Too Close and Too Easy

Suddenly we had all too easy access to the kitchen and such a need for comfort and stress relief wherever we could find it.  Food is easy.  It is available, and it’s even reliable for a quick shot of soothing.  Pity it doesn’t last very long.

With nowhere to go  – and only online meetings of any sort to attend, “top-half tidy” meant we didn’t have to wear full dress. Stretchy pants, pajamas, or sweats didn’t give any early warnings about waistlines.  The “Quarantine 15” became a thing.

Some of you went back to your workplace sooner than others, and reinstating routine can help.  As more businesses open, and being able to button or snap at the waistline looms, how do we break that emotional or stress eating habit we’ve fallen into? 

It does take some time and focus, but take courage; it can be done.  You just have to get the HANG of it. 

Getting the HANG of It

When you feel that pull toward food, as yourself:

H:  Am I HUNGRY?  If you are, you probably need something to eat.  If not, however –

A:  What’s the ATTRACTION to food?  Are you simply soothing yourself?

N:  What is it that you actually NEED?  Do you need some time with a friend or the dog, a walk, a hug, or some other method of soothing or stress relief?

G:  GO.  Go get that.  It will soothe you more than food ever could – and it will last.

Habits are made and broken by the same method – persistence.  For some, it’s easier, but so much depends on what’s driving your need for comfort. We can’t always unwind that on our own.  I couldn’t.

If you’re ready to overcome emotional eating, click this link, and let’s have a chat.  You CAN overcome emotional eating. 

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