To Live or Diet During the Holidays

Hello Friends, The Five-Week Food Orgy, also known as Thanksgiving to New Year, is upon us in the United States.  We DO enjoy our food as we celebrate, and it is possible to celebrate and maintain your weight loss progress if you so choose.I know — it’s all about the feasting food!  Holiday favorites are memories … Read more

It Goes Beyond Food

During a follow-up session, and I asked my client what she had learned that she could take with her.  She was learning to listen to her body, to differentiate feelings that were asking for soothing from actual physical hunger, and to recognize her value.  She said, “It goes beyond food.” We often make the mistake … Read more

How Do You Like Being A Guinea Pig?

That news has been plastered across newspapers, television news, and the Internet this week:  In the 1960s, sugar industry lobbyists funded research to link fat and cholesterol to heart disease and skip the connection of sugar to disease.  In the 1970s, a Senate Select Committee sided with Ancel Keys’s low-fat, high carbohydrate theory of weight … Read more

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