Habit Disrupters

You know the moment.  You’ve been following your plan, being consistent with your new habits, and something happens.  Maybe you’re like I was and have found yourself halfway into the refrigerator searching for something that would soothe what hurts inside. All our efforts to form really good habits can suddenly evaporate when our “stuff” is stirred up, … Read more

But they said it was healthy!

Apparently, low-fat foods create inflammation, and that inflammation causes all kinds of health issues. Wait—say what? The “evil” fat is okay, cholesterol is no longer thought to be caused by the fat we eat, and the low-fat advice causes more health ills than it solves? I so want a do-over on those 30 years I … Read more

Healthy Eating on a Budget

“Eating healthy is expensive!”  My client had researched the cost and calorie counts at restaurants and fast food, but the differences between frozen meal choices in grocery stores sent her over the edge.  “How can a salad costs a lot more than a burger?”   Current nutrition philosophy recommends a return to eating real food … Read more

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